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stephen taylor

Creative Director

BFA Fine Art, University Southern Calif.

  • creative problem-solving
  • exquisite taste
  • empathetic understanding
  • clear ideas of success 

At Privale Label Studio, our Real Estate Agents and Small Business owners don't fit in a template/one size fits all digital world. They expect better- they get better. When you surround yourself with the best, you rise to a new level. If you're looking for an incredible service experience, you've found the right company. Here's what we offer

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June 23, 2015: Focus. In order to achieve amazing results, you have to get focused on what you want. Most people think that means you need a “goal statement” and that’s true. If a goal is the destination, focus is the car and activity is the gas. Surprisingly, it is less about giving your attention and more about fighting off distractions. Don’t allow any of your attention or creativity to be syphoned off by activities that don’t serve you. The moment you commit to staying focused- I promise you’ll get bombarded with thoughts and happenings that will try to steal away your focus away. Be rock solid n your resolve to make your goals a reality. My focus today is on building my company https:/ What's yours?

June 7, 2015; Critics- who needs them? YOU DO! There’s a difference between those people who look at you and see you through their own limitations and your inner critic. The inner critic’s a completely different topic. You see If you’re not playing safe you run the risk of disrupting how others view themselves. Than watch out, you are going to hear the critics.  If everything about you is within social norms, you don’t have too strong an opinion, you have goals that are realistic your appearance and demeanor is average- Great you won’t have to weather the barrage of be careful, be satisfied, be happy with what you have, everything is “nice” fine” “you have a good life”. But maybe you can embrace fear and discomfort as the clues you need on your treasure map. This is your new barometer to measure your progress. If people are telling you to slow down… perfect step on the gas. Just tell them thanks for the advice but your committed to your dreams and just keep motoring on.  Winners know critics and fear are the best indicators that you’re on the right track. Branding yourself maybe new to you, it might feel uncomfortable at first to see pictures or watch video of yourself, look at what the most financially successful real estate industry professionals are doing and you’ll find they are everywhere. Obscurity is your biggest problem, come on, everyone knows someone in real estate. I’m here to make your brand presence so strong, it doesn’t matter how many others they know in the business- you are who they give the referral. Give me a call so we can talk shop. Don’t just compete- find out what sets you apart and DOMINATE! Celia Taylor- Principal

June 1, 2015- Pre-Building Relationships: that’s what branding is all about. And the fastest way to build relatability is through short YouTube or Vimeo clips. Videos engage the most senses simultaneously. Future clients get to hear your voice, see your smile, and understand where you’re coming from even if they don’t remember your exact words.

As the entrepreneur- you have the control. It’s not live stage performance, its video and no one knows or cares how many takes it takes. So set yourself apart and start building brand today. Celia Taylor-Principal

"We cater to the movers and shakers, getting them the cohesive artful style and look that's deserving of their consideration and their time. As a Professional Artist and Teacher, I bring the foundational design and attention to unique business appropriate aesthetic."

You can define success in myriad ways, but for us, it's the feeling of confidence you get from the representation we make for our Clients- artistically and as members of the community. We know the time and effort that goes into building a business. We know that achieving a certain level of success has a natural plateau. Hours in the day are the constraining factor, not willingness or willpower. 

When you've put in the blood, sweat, and tears to get to where you are, you deserve to focus on YOUR clients while your branding presence is filling the pipeline.


We know we can help you because we know what works. Let's get together and discuss your vision for business and see how we can serve you.

If you're looking for a company with down to earth people who are confident unique, brilliant individuals with a great eye and even better taste, you're going to be ecstatic with the level of service and creativity. 

"I'm ready to put my business expertise and marketing knowledge to work for you- I understand the hours and dedication true real estate professionals invest. Real Estate sales isn't a job, it's a lifestyle- let me help you level up!"

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